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Cognitive PRO Report

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Did you know that your cognitive function is up to 80% determined by the genes you carry? [R]

Understanding how your genes work can be the most powerful tool to reduce brain fog and supercharge your brain function.

Brain Lab’s Cognitive Function DNA Wellness Report was created by a team of geneticists, neuroscientists, and biohacking experts. It is the first report that takes into account the effects of your genetic variations on your cognitive function in order to predict the supplement stacks that will produce the best results for beating brain fog and unlocking your full cognitive potential.

It’s also full of actionable health recommendations that are tailored to your genes. Forget about all of those generic brain stacks that don't take your genes into account.

Whether you’re suffering from brain fog, lack of focus, or if you’re just looking to supercharge your brain, this genetically personalised brain stack will unleash your true potential and help you achieve those goals.

  • Identify personal biochemical weaknesses in your brain
  • find potential causes of brain fog, lack of mental clarity, and/or other cognitive issues
  • become more intelligent by enhancing your genes

In this comprehensive report;

  • Learn about what your genes can tell you about how your brain works - Find out about how your genes are affecting important brain functions such as neurogenesis and synaptic plasticity, and why they are important for cognitive functions such as learning, memory, overall IQ, and more.
  • Identify which genes might be holding back your cognitive potential - Whether you are suffering from brain fog or other cognitive issues, or you just want to give your brainpower a boost, this report identifies the key factors that you can target with dietary & lifestyle adjustments to gain even more of a cognitive edge.
  • Discover the best health hacks FOR YOU, based on your genes - Our personalised recommendations identify the supplements and other biohacks that are best for you based on your genetic data. Take the guesswork and experimentation away and start taking your health into your own hands.