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Mood & Depression Report

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Did you know that If you’re sad, down, or unhappy, your genes could be 50% responsible?

The key to improving your mood and happiness is to identify the problems within the network of genetic pathways that worsen your mood and attack them systematically rather than taking a one-size-fits-all remedy. 

To achieve happiness and a good mood, your neurotransmitters need to be well balanced with each other. Any imbalance caused by chronic inflammation, poor circadian rhythm, or stress can throw off your mood.

This report;

  • profiles 165 of the most influential SNPs in 92 genes
  • Cutting-edge genetic information and interpretation based on the medical literature
  • Easy to understand descriptions and recommendations -- you don’t need an advanced degree to understand and use our personalised reports
  • Predominantly focuses on optimal health, disease prevention, and education, rather than diagnosis

This report covers;

  • Mood & happiness
  • Emotional balance in response to stress
  • Neurotransmitters & brain chemistry that influence treatment responses
  • Risk of seasonal mood problems