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COVID 19 Report

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Your genes can determine how susceptible you are to respiratory infections such as COVID-19, and your potential to develop complications from these infections.

This report is provided free with all DNA Health Pack purchases.

Your immune system is constantly on the lookout for any viral infections, but your genetic variants can determine whether your immune response will help you or hurt you.

The Brain Labs COVID-19 DNA Report is the only report available that is personal to you. Not only that, but it's extensive and has the highest quality of information that you won't get anywhere else.

We analyse SNPs in 30 different genes that can significantly influence your immune health and response to respiratory infections such as Coronaviruses, and provide you with suggestions to prepare you for COVID-19.

Preparing for COVID-19 includes preparing your immune system before you get an infection, and what to do when you do get an infection.

We delve into genes that are important for:

  • Antiviral defense
  • Susceptibility to Coronaviruses
  • Complications from cytokine storms & Lung inflammation

Our scientific approach is trustworthy.

The virus responsible for the current COVID-19 pandemic is a new strain of coronavirus that scientists have never encountered before. Fortunately, scientists have been studying other viruses in the "coronavirus family" for many years, and have come to learn quite a lot about the typical features of coronaviruses, how they are spread, and how they can cause various symptoms or diseases.

We believe that you shouldn’t need a medical or scientific background in order to benefit from cutting-edge genetic analysis. Our straightforward explanations help you understand your genetic results at a glance and allow you to easily take away the key insights that empower you to take your health into your own hands.