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Why should I get my DNA tested?

Understanding your genetic tendencies can tell you a lot about whether your diet, lifestyle, or certain remedies, are working for or against you. Whether you seek to optimise your health or overcome a pre-existing issue, getting your DNA genotyped will tell you a lot about your body and open doors to effective gene-targeted protocols. Personalised health represents a better paradigm in healthcare than one-size-fits-all, trial-and-error, which is what most 'healthcare' is.
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Why should I get my DNA tested with Brain Labs rather than other companies?

Firstly, we are 100% Australian owned, managed and based, with our offices are in Cairns FNQ. Humans have about 10 million single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), the majority of which have no effect on health. To make genotyping affordable, DNA testing companies focus on a subset most relevant to their goals, such as for identifying ancestral lineage or for health research. 23andme tests approximately 650,000 variants, while Ancestry tests for 669,000 variants. Brain Labs DNA screening tests over 900,000 SNP's and analyse's over 80 million variants.
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What if I don’t have a genetics or medical background?

You’re at the right place! Brain Labs was created to help people just like you make the most of their genetic data. Our DNA Wellness Reports, which shortlist your most important SNPs, explain their importance, and give gene-targeted health tips anyone can understand. We make it easy to understand if your genes are producing positive or negative health effects in your reports, then, we provide personalised suggestions based on your unique results. All of our information is backed by science, so you'll always find references throughout our reports and articles, but we work hard at analysing the information so that we can present it to you in an easy-to-understand manner.
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DNA Testing Facts

The average cost of testing for disease genes is over $4,000 and the cost of a 15 minute visit with a genetic counselor ranges from 500 to 2,000$. Our kits start at 199$ and you tailor them to suit your requirements. TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH


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